Training and Training Systems

Our employee-owners are proud of our award winning training solutions. Our teams of subject matter experts (often veterans of military service), instructional designers and developers, technical editors, media specialists, and software engineers create engaging, cost-effective, and performance-enhancing training products. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Whole-life training analyses
  • Instructor-led training development
  • Interactive courseware design and development (levels 1 through 4)
  • Learning Management System integration
  • Instructor management tools
  • Complex simulation based training solutions
  • Common training architectures
  • Part-task simulations for operations and maintenance
  • Intelligent tutoring
  • Multi-platform game-based learning

Accolades include:

  • Exceptional Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) for multiple government contracts
  • Several awards from the U.S. Air Force for Standard Space Training (SST); including an award for saving over $100M

Relevant Examples

Black Horizon

The Air Force is seeking to develop its space warfighters for tomorrow — to identify, train, and maintain the skills of a greater number of operators who know how to act in a contested environment. BLACK HORIZON is the newest Air Force training tool: a mobile app that instructs operators in the basics of orbital mechanics and develops the skills to go "off script" to respond to emerging threats.

Lateral Canthotomy and Cantholysis (LCC) Training System

Eye injuries are common in combat. Many can lead to pressure buildup behind the eye, reducing blood flow to the retina and optic nerve, causing blindness. A simple surgical procedure, called a Lateral Canthotomy and Cantholysis (LCC), can save the eyesight of troops injured in this way. Sonalysts has developed an LCC training system to train the critical steps of the LCC procedure. The simulated eyes react to medical interventions in real-time, providing diagnostic tactile feedback.

REDSPINUP Phase III Small Business Innovative Research

REDSPINUP is a PC-based student pilot pre-training simulation for Air Force base and local operational area familiarization.

Standard Space Trainer (SST)

Our Standard Space Trainer (SST) provides standardized instructor and scenario generation tools plus a suite of analytic performance and assessment features that enable detailed goal tracking and student monitoring.

Submarine On Board Training (SOBT)

Sonalysts continues to maintain a long-standing relationship of support for the SOBT Program. Our lengthy history with the SOBT Program, spanning more than 20 years, includes the development and delivery of numerous Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) modules, Submarine Learning Channel (SubLC) Video Series, and HTML5 Conversion modules.