Research and Development

Maintaining an Edge in Talent and Technology

People and technology are crucial to Sonalysts’ success. We strive to support our partners as they grow professionally and advance their knowledge in today’s fast moving technical arena. Our tuition reimbursement program promotes advanced technical education, while the Sonalysts Innovation Group mentors and incubates promising projects across a wide range of technical fields. Examples of activities in which our partners are working in the leading areas of technology include:

  • Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Programs
  • Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs
  • Partnerships with major universities and colleges around the country
  • Major defense laboratory contracts
  • Human Automation Interaction Laboratory
  • IAC MAC Research and Development Contract
  • OASIS Research and Development Small Business Pool

Improving the Human Experience through Applied Research

Maintaining an edge in talent and technology is crucial to Sonalysts’ success. We invest in advancing the knowledge of our partners so they are poised to succeed in today’s fast moving technical market. We apply the talents of partners along with substantial corporate resources to pave the way to improved performance for our customer’s concerns. As importantly, we work diligently to transition research toward applied results that add value in the intended setting. Our transition achievements are exemplary. Specifics include:

  • Small Business Research Programs (SBIR and STTR)
  • Participation with Major Universities and Colleges around the country
  • Major Defense laboratory contracts
  • Human Automation Interaction Laboratory (Internal Partner Investment)
  • Sonalysts Innovation Group (Internal Partner Investment)
  • IAC MAC Research and Development Contract
  • OASIS Research and Development Small Business Pool
  • Decades of training and training systems research with the Navy and Air Force (6.3 through 6.4)

Relevant Examples

Black Horizon

The Air Force is seeking to develop its space warfighters for tomorrow — to identify, train, and maintain the skills of a greater number of operators who know how to act in a contested environment. BLACK HORIZON is the newest Air Force training tool: a mobile app that instructs operators in the basics of orbital mechanics and develops the skills to go "off script" to respond to emerging threats.

FATHOM Phase II Small Business Innovative Research

FATHOM is an operational utility tool for testing prototype systems in an operational environment.

FATSIM Phase III Small Business Innovative Research

FATSIM is a Fifth Generation Fighter, low-cost, medium-to-high fidelity training simulation.

Human Autonomy Interaction Laboratory

Human Autonomy Interaction Laboratory (HAIL) strives to be the nexus of multidisciplinary research and development. Our work leverages collaboration among partners in various technical disciplines to advance our capabilities. While our Research and Development (R&D) portfolio spans a variety of campaigns, the common thread woven into all HAIL R&D is the interaction between humans and complex systems.

Standard Space Trainer (SST)

Our Standard Space Trainer (SST) provides standardized instructor and scenario generation tools plus a suite of analytic performance and assessment features that enable detailed goal tracking and student monitoring.