Management Services

Management Services

Sonalysts’ Professional Management Services provide expertise and support within a corporation’s Program Management Office (PMO).  Sonalysts has provided Program and Project Management on thousands of projects throughout our 40+ year history.  Our project management methodologies have been used as part of a complete lifecycle solution where Sonalysts has performed all contract work from requirements through project execution and closeout.  Sonalysts has also provided purely program and project level management for customers to support strategic initiatives, process improvement, and as a supplemental resource to their in-house management staff.

Our offerings within a PMO include mentoring and training to develop the skills and knowledge of people so they can perform their roles effectively and efficiently.  Our continuous process improvement begins with organizational training that is common across all projects and includes:

  • Identify the Organization’s Needs

  • Document and Gain Approval for the Training Plan

  • Establish, Maintain, and Deliver the Training

  • Establish and Maintain Training Records

  • Assess Training Effectiveness

Our process strategy is centered around Project Process Flows that guide managers and developers through all phases of a project’s lifecycle.

The Project Management Process Flow contains the processes the project manager must follow for the estimation, project planning, project monitoring and control, and closeout phases of the project lifecycle.  The estimation phase is typically proprietary within any organization and should be based on estimation templates and historical data with appropriate reviews by peers, contracts, and legal departments.  The project planning phase includes a review of established processes including:

  • Project Planning, Project Monitoring and Control, and Integrated Project Management

  • Requirements Management and Technical Solution

  • Process and Product Quality Assurance

  • Configuration Management

  • Measurement and Analysis

  • Supplier Agreement Management

  • Risk Management

  • Test or Verification/Validation

Next a Life Cycle strategy is selected such as traditional waterfall, iterative waterfall with incremental builds, Agile, rapid prototyping, spiral, and ADDIE. Once an approved life cycle strategy is approved, project management plans, configuration management plans, risk management plans, test plans, and measurement and analysis plans are created and peer reviewed by project team members.

Upon successful approval and completion of all planning activities, a project enters the Project Monitoring and Control phase.  This phase begins with a review of established processes and training for Project Planning, Project Monitoring and Control, and Integrated Project Management.  As the project is being executed, progress status meetings take place and meeting minutes are developed.  Risk management sessions occur and are documented.  Project metrics are tracked and the project is re-planned as necessary with updated documentation.  Other activities within this phase include Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Testing, and peer reviews.

During the close out phase the products are delivered according to the project management plan and configuration management plan.  Actual project metrics and lessons learned are collected and recorded and compared against the original estimates.  The project is then closed out according to the project management plan.

Our repeatable process framework is appraised at CMMI L3.

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