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Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e)
Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) has made electronic procurement of Engineering, Technical, and Programmatic support services at NAVSEA a reality. The Navy Virtual SYSCOM Commanders (NAVAIR, NAVSEA, NAVSUP, and SPAWAR) have decided to leverage the successes and efficiencies of the Seaport-e business model by designating Seaport-e the vehicle of choice for future Engineering, Technical, Financial, and Program Management contractor support services. This decision emphasizes the Navy Virtual SYSCOM's focus on implementing cost-effective and integrated business practices to better support our Navy.
Contract NumberN00178-04-D-4126
ClientsNAVSEA Program Executive Offices, Directorates, Warfare Centers and field activities
Contract Period of Performance 5 April 2004 through 4 April 2019
Program Ceiling$47.8 Billion
Available Order TypesCPFF, CPIF, CPAF, FFP, FPI
Senior Technical Representative Jeffrey Lemmon, 860-326-3756
Contracting OfficerJean Miceli, 860-326-3787

Seaport-e provides a contracting vehicle to support 22 functional areas and 7 geographic zones across the United States. Additionally, support may be provided under the contract to other Department of Defense (DoD), non-DoD, or joint agencies for related work.

The Sonalysts Team is prepared to provide support to the Virtual SYSCOM in all functional areas and zones:

  • Zone 1: Northeast Region
  • Zone 2: National Capital Region
  • Zone 3: Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Zone 4: Gulf Coast
  • Zone 5: Midwest
  • Zone 6: Southwest Region
  • Zone 7: Northwest

A listing of the last 3 years of services experience performed by Sonalysts, Inc. and its subcontractors that do not hold Seaport-e prime contracts is provided from the following link, Services Support Matrix.  The customer satisfaction POC for these services is:

Jeffrey Lemmon
Seaport-e Senior Technical Representative
Phone: (860) 326-3756
Fax: (860) 447-8883

The following list contains Sonalysts' team members and their capability/area of expertise. Team member points of contact for the Seaport program are also provided. To view the last 3 years services experience for team members with Seaport-e prime contracts, select the company's logo to link to their Seaport-e website. Company names highlighted in blue denote Prime Contractors.

Progeny Systems Corporation
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Technical: Ron Murdock 401-846-0111 x102
Contracting: Ed Urbain 703-368-6107 x353

Progeny Systems Corporation is a privately-held high-tech small business specializing in electronic systems development for the United States Department of Defense (DoD), and other government and business organizations. Progeny Systems' corporate headquarters in Manassas, Virginia offers a full array of computing systems to support the development, testing and integration of leading edge technology systems for the DoD and commercial customers. Progeny has experience and a proven track record in helping our customers maximize their IT investments by:

  • Successfully migrating legacy applications into open architecture solutions that provide a substantial Return-On-Investment and a flexible environment for customizations and improvements that consistently work for the users and administrators.
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies in development of new systems, conversion of legacy systems, or integration into existing systems. In all cases, the focus is on platform portability, scalability, and affordability.
  • Providing open source solutions that minimize Total Ownership Costs and prevent vendor-lock giving the customer the opportunity and flexibility to choose another company in the future. Our goal, of course, is to provide a level of service that ensures a continued healthy business partnership.
  • Successfully leveraging their collaborative commerce application investments to deliver a fully integrated set of powerful enterprise services directly to the desktop—including document and knowledge management, virtual team collaboration, information retrieval, business process automation, electronic forms, event notification, and rendition support.
Purvis Systems
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Technical: Debbie Proffitt 401-849-4750 x409
Contracting: Michelle Craft 401-849-4750 x401

PURVIS delivers high-quality technology and communications services and systems to public safety, U.S. defense, public sector and federal organizations to help them achieve and maintain high performance. By applying core values of service excellence and integrity and employing time-tested processes and the latest technologies, PURVIS has built a reputation over the last 35+ years as a trusted partner that solves its clients' unique and complex challenges. Our valued clients – like the U.S. Navy, NATO and the Fire Department of New York – have some of the most important missions possible: to keep America and its citizens safe. With no room for error, we do everything possible to ensure they succeed with their meaningful work.

Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Technical: James Banks 401-842-5465
Contracting: Valerie St. Peter 401-842-5480

Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world. With a history of innovation spanning 87 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems, as well as a broad range of mission support services.

Research and Development Solutions, Inc.
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Small, Disadvantaged, Woman-Owned
Technical: Bill Shaw 401-847-7374
Contracting: Bill Shaw 401-847-7374

RDSI is a nationwide engineering and support firm providing expertise in Electronic Warfare simulation and training systems, shipboard equipment installation, and equipment maintenance services since 1989. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, innovative products and services at a competitive price point. Since inception, RDSI has specialized in providing Government and Industry clients professional and technical services in the fields of computer engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, system integration, simulation and stimulation, research and development, system installation and field service support, facilities operation and maintenance, and Electronic Warfare (EW) simulation and training.

Research and Engineering Development Solutions, Inc. (RED-INC)
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Small, Woman-Owned
Technical: Karen Garner 301-737-4361 x50
Contracting: Lea Weaver 301-737-4361 x11

RED-INC offers both strength and flexibility, as well as documented capabilities in the research, development, and test and evaluation of military weapon systems. We provide engineering solutions to NAVAIR programs and NAWCAD engineering and laboratory initiatives using system engineering and process engineering methodologies in the following areas:

  • Requirements analyses
  • Evaluation of new and emerging technologies for system upgrades
  • Analysis of alternative approaches
  • Development of system requirements and specifications
  • Evaluation of design approaches and system architectures
  • Evaluation of integration requirements
  • Investigation of technical risk and safety issues