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Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e)
Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) has made electronic procurement of Engineering, Technical, and Programmatic support services at NAVSEA a reality. The Navy Virtual SYSCOM Commanders (NAVAIR, NAVSEA, NAVSUP, and SPAWAR) have decided to leverage the successes and efficiencies of the Seaport-e business model by designating Seaport-e the vehicle of choice for future Engineering, Technical, Financial, and Program Management contractor support services. This decision emphasizes the Navy Virtual SYSCOM's focus on implementing cost-effective and integrated business practices to better support our Navy.
Contract NumberN00178-04-D-4126
ClientsNAVSEA Program Executive Offices, Directorates, Warfare Centers and field activities
Contract Period of Performance 5 April 2004 through 4 April 2019
Program Ceiling$47.8 Billion
Available Order TypesCPFF, CPIF, CPAF, FFP, FPI
Senior Technical Representative John Lackie, 540-663-9034
Contracting OfficerJean Miceli, 860-326-3787

Seaport-e provides a contracting vehicle to support 22 functional areas and 7 geographic zones across the United States. Additionally, support may be provided under the contract to other Department of Defense (DoD), non-DoD, or joint agencies for related work.

The Sonalysts Team is prepared to provide support to the Virtual SYSCOM in all functional areas and zones:

  • Zone 1: Northeast Region
  • Zone 2: National Capital Region
  • Zone 3: Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Zone 4: Gulf Coast
  • Zone 5: Midwest
  • Zone 6: Southwest Region
  • Zone 7: Northwest

A listing of the last 3 years of services experience performed by Sonalysts, Inc. and its subcontractors that do not hold Seaport-e prime contracts is provided from the following link, Services Support Matrix.  The customer satisfaction POC for these services is:

John Lackie
Seaport-e Senior Technical Representative
Phone: (540) 663-9034 
Fax: (860) 447-8883

The following list contains Sonalysts' team members and their capability/area of expertise. Team member points of contact for the Seaport program are also provided. To view the last 3 years services experience for team members with Seaport-e prime contracts, select the company's logo to link to their Seaport-e website. Company names highlighted in blue denote Prime Contractors.

Sonalysts, Inc.
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Technical: John Lackie 540-663-9034
Contracting: Jean Miceli 860-326-3787

Sonalysts' core competencies for support of NAVSEA and the Virtual SYSCOM include:

  • Advanced Training Systems and Information Technologies
  • Human Systems Integration and Performance Assessment
  • Platform and Combat Systems Modeling and Simulation, including Commercial Military Game Simulations
  • Submarine and Surface Ship Systems Engineering
  • World-Class Video, Audio, and Animation Production Facilities
Acenda, LLC
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Small, Veteran-Owned
Technical: Ronald L Herndon 401-619-5899
Contracting: Marion C Herndon 401-619-5899

Acenda Editorial Services offers copy editing and proofreading for a variety of documents, including business correspondence, contract proposals, government documents, and content intended for publication on the Web.

Alion-IPS Corporation
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Technical: Bruce Samuelsen 703-933-6616
Contracting: Sima Eshraghi 202-756-4051

Alion Science and Technology Corporation is an employee-owned technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers.

Alpine Magic, LLC
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Small, Woman-Owned
Technical: Kathleen Kittelsen 720-339-1432
Contracting: Kathleen Kittelsen 720-339-1432

Alpine Magic’s staff are experienced in all aspects of adult learning, including training needs assessments, learning styles, classroom instruction, computer-based training and blended learning environments. They have provided training in corporate, government, and academic settings.

Analytical Graphics, Inc.
Size ClassificationSize Classification:
Technical: Scott Eckerd 610-981-8065
Contracting: Scott Smith 610-981-8191

AGI provides commercial off-the-shelf software to national security and space professionals for integrated analysis of land, sea, air, and space assets. The technology can be applied to a variety of solution areas.

  • Space Superiority
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Space Exploration
  • Aircraft & UAV Systems
  • Navigation
  • Communications & Electronic Warfare
  • Spacecraft Mission Design & Operations
  • Range Safety
  • C4ISR (Battlespace Management)
  • Missile Defense