Sonalysts’ HAIL awarded follow on to develop Visual Argumentation Platform

Posted on 08/01/2018

A multidisciplinary team from Sonalysts’ Human-Autonomy Interaction Laboratory (HAIL) has recently been awarded a Phase I Option from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to continue initial development of the Visual Argumentation for Resolving Inefficiencies (VARI) platform. Inspired by design thinking practices and the study of collective intelligence, VARI will enable diverse crowds of contributors to rapidly identify inefficiencies, then ideate, refine, and ultimately choose one or more solutions for the inefficiency. Initial work focuses on identifying organizational issues; however, VARI has applications in military decision making, as well as exploitation and dissemination of intelligence. “Everyone loves working on VARI because it touches so many different technical domains; it allows a really diverse set of scientists, analysts, and engineers to come together and learn from each other while solving a tricky problem” says Steve Dorton, the Principal Investigator for the project. “We’re really excited to keep this going forward, and are really looking forward to testing the prototype in the next phase.”

Contact us for more information on VARI or if you are interested in testing the platform with your organization.

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