Sonalysts Adds Support for Agile/Scrum

Posted on 10/27/2016

Waterford CT. – Sonalysts, Inc., an employee-owned, nation-wide aerospace and defense contractor and CMMI Level 3 company, adds support for CMMI L3 with Agile/Scrum Framework for software development.


CMMI L3 with Agile/Scrum Framework combines Agile methods with CMMI L3 processes, creating a powerful combination of adaptability and predictability.  The combination of these two methods produces quality software that meets customer needs at a fast pace.   The graphic above shows a synchronizing of Scrum and Waterfall, incorporating analysis (lifecycle) activities into each sprint as a percentage.  This synchronization allows teams to use Scrum but not lose the analysis activities of Waterfall.  The intent of Scrum is to deliver working code at the end of every sprint. This benefit can be maintained by changing the percentage of coding and non-coding activities for each sprint.   


Software and Courseware Development project teams have been appraised at Maturity Level 3