Big Year on the Horizon for Design Thinking

Posted on 02/19/2018

Sonalysts is projected to have a record year of activity in its design thinking division, Ideation Development Events and Activities (IDEAS), led by Ms. LeeAnn Maryeski.  The IDEAS initiative fuses design thinking methods with rigorous analytics to create new tools and methods aimed at addressing complex problem areas.  One such method, Targeted Ideation Development Events (TIDEs), brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, developers, and designers to work through a tailored agenda of design thinking methods.  TIDEs use a scalable convergent/divergent framework to define problems, develop innovative concepts, and refine those concepts into implementable solutions.  In the upcoming year, Sonalysts has already scheduled six TIDEs for the Navy, the Air Force, and commercial small businesses with the potential to double that number by the end of the year. 

IDEAS has also collaborated with the Sonalysts Human-Autonomy Interaction Lab (HAIL) division to develop two new tools: the Opinion Classification and Analysis Tool (OCTANT) and the Medium Resolution Tactical Simulator (MRTS), both of which increase data collection, concept refinement, and decision making capabilities through the introduction of a digital environment.  The goal of these tools is to increase the defensibility and traceability of findings to ensure solution implementation in the problem space.  Both tools are being further refined and developed in the coming year.  IDEAS is based on continual improvement and iteration.  As such, throughout the year, we will apply lessons learned to adapt our methods and modify the toolkit for expansion into new domains.