2017 Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM) World Conference

Posted on 05/01/2017

Waterford CT - Sonalysts recently supported the 2017 Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM) World Conference, which was themed: Modeling and Simulation in the Age of Data. Sonalysts’ Mike Erwin presented a paper titled “Rolling the Dice: Using Low-Cost Tabletop Simulation to Develop and Evaluate High-Value CONOPS in Uncertain Tactical Environments,“ which focused on development of low-resolution methods to facilitate rapid innovation. Mike exchanged ideas with the members of the M&S community at the conference in Virginia Beach, VA.

Abstract: In lieu of more complex, expensive, and high-resolution simulations, a Low Resolution Tactical Simulator (LRTS) has been used to great effect across several rapid development/user-centered design events to visualize and wargame advanced concepts. Using inexpensive office supplies and a few hours of preparation, tactical and technological concepts that are generated during brainstorming sessions can be rapidly tested and refined by playing a turn-based board game. While the game directly supports simulating spatial and temporal dimensions of the tactical scenario (demonstrating when concepts are not viable), the true value of the LRTS is the framework it provides to enable highly detailed discussion of assumptions, goals, constraints, and other information relevant to concept execution. Additionally, the game board itself becomes an artifact that can be used to capture and present scenario results. In an order to address user perceptions, questionnaires were completed by a multi-disciplinary team of LRTS users (N = 22), which provided insights into group dynamics, mechanics of gameplay, and the utility of LRTS, as well as commentary on how to improve the LRTS experience. Results showed that users found LRTS promoted discussion and critical thinking, uncovered underlying assumptions, identified spatiotemporal issues with concepts, and supported determining the effectiveness of concepts. Participants also found LRTS gameplay to be engaging and fun, making it a viable means to facilitate high-speed, high-morale concept development. This paper will discuss the apparatus required and mechanics of LRTS gameplay, the benefits of using LRTS in rapid design processes, and the user perceptions of using LRTS.

For more information on the conference, visit: http://www.modsimworld.org/
For a copy of the manuscript, visit: http://www.modsimworld.org/conference-papers/2017